“I’ve always loved my heart and soul but after working with “NYCE BODIES” now I love my thighs and butt just as much.“ Henriette Mantel, Documentary Film Maker


"My training with Shari over the last eight years has been one of the best things I have done to better my career, my health and my well being.  The physical knowledge she has given me has changed my life, and has helped me become stronger, leaner, and a better performer. She will be missed.” - Mark Wagner, Toby Maguire’s stunt double for Spiderman, two-time winner of The Taurus Stunt Award Best Fight Scene doubling Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Shari is a dynamo! She has extensive, mind-boggling knowledge of how the body works and abundant drive and energy, as well as a gentle and practical manner of teaching. She challenges me to work hard, yet she is always considering the needs of my particular body and designs the workout accordingly. I came to Shari shortly after I had my baby, and found her especially understanding in working with pregnant and post pregnancy clients. Shari got me back in shape — and even stronger and healthier and more flexible than I was before.“ -Joanna Going, Actress

"When I first came to Shari’s Pilates studio, I thought I was there to lose 10 pounds before I started filming on ”Spiderman 3“.  Well, Pilates does not begin to describe the "Shari Experience”.  Not only did I lose the 10 pounds and more, she addressed old injuries and gave me healthy alternatives to adjust to the dreaded arrival of my middle age - mentally, physically and spiritually. She created a space for people of all ages, lifestyles, and careers to exchange ideas, problem solve and network … the life force always pulsing in her studio. Yes, Shari is a Pilates instructor of the top caliber, but she is so much more. All of us will miss her very much. Do yourself a favor.“  - Theresa Russell, Actress

"I travel often for work and I’ve tried Pilates studios all over the world.   No one else brings me the sense of balance I get from working out with Shari.  Her knowledge of how the body works allows her to give me a session that is intense while taking into consideration my health and well-being.  Pilates is a great way to allow my butt to defy the laws of gravity.  Shari gives me a great workout, but I leave feeling good mentally and physically."   - Gina Phillips, Actress

"The most wonderful thing about Nyce Bodies Pilates is that with each year I am stronger and more flexible than the last. I have been taking classes with Shari almost since she opened in Pennington (who knew that Pennington could be the center of the Pilates universe?), and it has been a revelation. I am a rheumatologist, but I continue to learn from Shari, who has an incredible depth of knowledge about the mechanics of the human body. I see patients who are injured in the process of trying to get fit, so I really appreciate the vast experience Shari brings to Pilates - knowing that each workout has one outcome – feeling great and looking better! My husband could have (and would have if I had let him) written a glowing review of the impact of Nyce Bodies effect, but that would be X-rated. All I can say is Shari is the best!” – Janet Krommes

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By far the best rehabilitative work outs I have experienced. After decades of athletics, including weight lifting, cycling, yoga, horse back riding and high altitude mountain climbing, aches and pains have increasingly limited my performance and movement.

Shari Nyce's customized approach has virtually eliminated my knee, back, hip and elbow pains , while maintaining workouts as strenuous as I want. Her focus on proper form and alignment and her vast athletic background combined with her deep understanding of anatomy and bio mechanics give her a big edge in spotting root cause issues and incorporating corrective approaches into our work outs,. She does not take a one size fits all approach. She borrowes from gyro-tonics, Pilates, yoga, biomechanics and he expertise in movement to effectively customize work outs that advance my athletic capabilities while eliminating pain.