Spiraling Upward

Our body is an energetic system.  Energy is pulsation and flow.  We are a system of spiraling energy that replenishes itself constantly, mirroring the spirals of our DNA.  This is based on scientific fact. Kundalini is the primal energy located in the base of our spine.  Our Chakras are spirals of energy throughout our body.  They are stepping stones along our internal energy system forming a double helix.  We spiral upward from the root to the crown.  But, where does it go from there?  Imagine a fountain.  It spirals upward only to trickle down and replenish itself.  This is our flow.

So, how do we direct this to fitness and wellbeing?  Our inner body is our source of understanding and support, like a mother. When the inner body is healthy and strong, our outer body gets to be calm.  This is Core strength.  Sorry to tell you this, but Core strength is not ABS!!!  Our TRUE Core strength is all our support, be it deep intrinsic muscles, or positive flowing energy. It spirals upward like a fountain allowing the outer body to soften and bring balance. 

Lost anyone?  I don’t expect anyone to step in to my very crowded brain.  But, if you would, meditate or just focus your thinking from your root (which is your pelvic floor AKA your junk) then continue through your lower belly, gut, heart, throat (or voice), inner eye (in the middle of your forehead, your real insight), then out through the crown of your head.  Allow the spiraling image of the double helix.  You may find your body making its own gentle spiral in one direction or the other.  When you blast out through the crown, allow all that amazing energy to trickle down.  Enjoy your fabulous energy. And then, start all over again.  WOW!

Our entire being is based on circles and spirals and replenishment.  It is in our DNA.