Contemplating Gait

  Let’s look at the fluidity of gait.  Starting with the pelvis, which is our keystone.  The innominates (two side of the pelvic structure) act in opposition in three planes of movement.  Anterior and posterior, Elevation and depression and rotation.  As one side goes up, the other side goes down. One side forward, the other back and, they rotate in opposition as well.  Together they are making a perfect figure eight.  The same is true of the Thorax.  It acts as a reactor to the pelvis.  It too is making a figure eight with its other half and with the opposing innominate.  Together they transport us with symbols of infinity driven from the pelvis.  I find this to be a wonderful meditation when walking or running. It brings rhythm,  freedom and ease of motion to my action.

I guess with my recent surgery and my newly found peg leg Pirates status, I am temporarily dealing with Pieces of Eight! Life has a funny way of making us humble. ARR