Pondering Balance

How do we test balance?  One way is to be thrown off balance so that our body’s natural support system (proprioception) turns on.  I was given the opportunity to test due to the recent surgery on my foot.  I have been condemned to be weight bearing on only one leg for next eight weeks.  And, not my dominant leg either.  The Gods are crazy.

Balance is not rigid.  If you try to “hold” a balance, you will fall.  There is fluidity in balance. You must be able to adjust to your terrain and your environment.  Your foundation are your roots and must be grounded with continuous energy downward.  There must be equal expansion upward with the acceptance of whatever the outside world throws at you.  Balance is pulsation.

Interesting though, this surgery has thrown me into many other areas of balance.   My mind and my unstoppable energy in movement.  I go fast and hard until I am done.  Then, I sleep and do it again. 

I have been given the opportunity to slow down and allow things to occur without me running at them full force.  I am experiencing things.  They are not all experiencing me.  Giving up control, (rigidity) brings balance, calmness, and a sense of organization. I guess that is what is meant by the term mindfulness.

I am not suggesting that we all put screws in our foot to experience balance.  But, interesting how acceptance brings serenity and strength to an otherwise terrifying situation.  Balance is the ebb and flow that allows us to be whole and see things clearly and calmly with perspective and love. I wish you all balance.