Relaxation is not an action.  It is the absence of action. “You need to relax!”  As soon as I need to do anything it causes me stress.   How do me “make” our beings or our being’s parts relax???  We can’t make relaxation happen. We must allow it to happen to us.  Because we cannot actively relax, we must take action away in order to find the non-action of relaxation. Wow! That is enough to make anyone tense. So, what is the answer?  As far as general relaxation of the mind, there are countless ways to meditate.  Quiet the mind and allow the body to follow.  This area of relaxation is certainly not my expertise.  Still at this point in my life, the only way I have found to quiet my very busy mind is to overload it or my body so much that my mind has no choice but to short out.  For this type of relaxation, I will refer you to a meditation class or workshop.  I would not advise you to follow me.

However, our parts!!!   In order to take stress out of an area of the body, we need to redistribute the work load. Delegate, delegate, delegate.    Let’s take a common malfunction, tense neck and shoulders.  So, overactive Upper Trapezius.  Probably misalignment of the shoulder joint.  Weakness in the Later rotator cuff, shoddy neck alignment etc. etc.…. blah blah blah.  What do we do about it?  What action do we take or not take to relax?  I suggest we listen to the bones.   Take the action out of the muscle and let the skeleton dictate proper alignment. The bones will tell us what muscles they need to recruit to maintain their support and freedom of movement. So, allow the head of the arm bones (shoulders) to float up and back.   Feel the bottom tips of the shoulder blades dropping down towards the low back and butt.  Soften the Sternum and let it be heavy. The front body, (across the collar bones) should be at ease and equally as wide  as the back body, (across the shoulder blades).   Let the jaw bone and ears float back over the shoulders.  And think Bobble Head!!  Yes, I said Bobble Head.  Your head should not be held on your shoulders by a stiff neck.  It should be buoyant and mobile as if attached loosely by a large spring.  I invite you to try that image on and wear it around for a bit.  But please try not to over think it.  Let the bones guide you. They are great teachers.  Relax!!!


I have always found interesting, the question of the glass. Half full or half empty? I know that my glass has only ever been half full if I know there is more in the bottle!! My life has always been about enough. I am never enough and I can’t get enough!
I have been trying to figure out a way to keep my glass half full without worrying about the reserve. The only thing I can come up with is…. Pay Attention! Look around to recognize and experience joy. Then, bank that joy. Hold the memory and keep it in the reserve. I realize that as we get older, memory is not something a lot of us have recollection of. I have started calling my children 1, 2 and 3. But... I try to remember the feeling of joy and that I am capable of it.
I was told that the way to experience joy is to serve others. But, without joy first, serving others is a distraction not true joy, and will lead to resentment. I serve others and protect myself to not be vulnerable. My protection is ¾ full and my vulnerability is running on empty.
Several situations in my life at present are teasing my patience. Not an attribute that I was gifted with. I am realizing that my constant drive forward is my way of protecting myself and not paying attention. It is my way of making life experience me and not allowing myself to experience life and bank joy.
I am working on the patience to find my balance between my half full protection and my half empty vulnerability. I believe this is where my joy lies. There, I know my glass will overflow.

Spiraling Upward

Our body is an energetic system.  Energy is pulsation and flow.  We are a system of spiraling energy that replenishes itself constantly, mirroring the spirals of our DNA.  This is based on scientific fact. Kundalini is the primal energy located in the base of our spine.  Our Chakras are spirals of energy throughout our body.  They are stepping stones along our internal energy system forming a double helix.  We spiral upward from the root to the crown.  But, where does it go from there?  Imagine a fountain.  It spirals upward only to trickle down and replenish itself.  This is our flow.

So, how do we direct this to fitness and wellbeing?  Our inner body is our source of understanding and support, like a mother. When the inner body is healthy and strong, our outer body gets to be calm.  This is Core strength.  Sorry to tell you this, but Core strength is not ABS!!!  Our TRUE Core strength is all our support, be it deep intrinsic muscles, or positive flowing energy. It spirals upward like a fountain allowing the outer body to soften and bring balance. 

Lost anyone?  I don’t expect anyone to step in to my very crowded brain.  But, if you would, meditate or just focus your thinking from your root (which is your pelvic floor AKA your junk) then continue through your lower belly, gut, heart, throat (or voice), inner eye (in the middle of your forehead, your real insight), then out through the crown of your head.  Allow the spiraling image of the double helix.  You may find your body making its own gentle spiral in one direction or the other.  When you blast out through the crown, allow all that amazing energy to trickle down.  Enjoy your fabulous energy. And then, start all over again.  WOW!

Our entire being is based on circles and spirals and replenishment.  It is in our DNA.

Contemplating Gait

  Let’s look at the fluidity of gait.  Starting with the pelvis, which is our keystone.  The innominates (two side of the pelvic structure) act in opposition in three planes of movement.  Anterior and posterior, Elevation and depression and rotation.  As one side goes up, the other side goes down. One side forward, the other back and, they rotate in opposition as well.  Together they are making a perfect figure eight.  The same is true of the Thorax.  It acts as a reactor to the pelvis.  It too is making a figure eight with its other half and with the opposing innominate.  Together they transport us with symbols of infinity driven from the pelvis.  I find this to be a wonderful meditation when walking or running. It brings rhythm,  freedom and ease of motion to my action.

I guess with my recent surgery and my newly found peg leg Pirates status, I am temporarily dealing with Pieces of Eight! Life has a funny way of making us humble. ARR


I am realizing that sometimes the most active thing I can do, is be passive.  My greatest teachers have always influenced me by setting an example.  By being not by telling me how to be.  I have always rebelled when someone tells me what I should do.  I am trying to work with my ears to be able to filter wisdom. But honestly, I like the “I’ll have what she’s having approach”.  When I see a quality in someone that inspires me, I celebrate it and maybe, try it on.  We are only as powerful to others as we are free in ourselves.  That freedom and self-knowledge comes with acceptance to be our imperfect selves

Pondering Balance

How do we test balance?  One way is to be thrown off balance so that our body’s natural support system (proprioception) turns on.  I was given the opportunity to test due to the recent surgery on my foot.  I have been condemned to be weight bearing on only one leg for next eight weeks.  And, not my dominant leg either.  The Gods are crazy.

Balance is not rigid.  If you try to “hold” a balance, you will fall.  There is fluidity in balance. You must be able to adjust to your terrain and your environment.  Your foundation are your roots and must be grounded with continuous energy downward.  There must be equal expansion upward with the acceptance of whatever the outside world throws at you.  Balance is pulsation.

Interesting though, this surgery has thrown me into many other areas of balance.   My mind and my unstoppable energy in movement.  I go fast and hard until I am done.  Then, I sleep and do it again. 

I have been given the opportunity to slow down and allow things to occur without me running at them full force.  I am experiencing things.  They are not all experiencing me.  Giving up control, (rigidity) brings balance, calmness, and a sense of organization. I guess that is what is meant by the term mindfulness.

I am not suggesting that we all put screws in our foot to experience balance.  But, interesting how acceptance brings serenity and strength to an otherwise terrifying situation.  Balance is the ebb and flow that allows us to be whole and see things clearly and calmly with perspective and love. I wish you all balance.