Optimal pain free movement and fitness are for everyone.

Are you an athlete or regular person having trouble maintaining or achieving optimal performance or movement due to injuries, age or having reached a plateau? Shari Nyce founded Nyce Bodies in 1992 in Los Angeles where she trained elite and amateur athletes, actors, stunt men, dancers, pregnant and post-partum women and ordinary people of all ages from 11 to  92 seeking injury free optimal performance.  Shari relocated Nyce Bodies to Pennington, NJ in 1997 with her three girls to be closer to family and provide customized one on one and small group training in biomechanics and body awareness. Shari customizes sessions to address each client’s unique needs and does not attempt to impose a one size fits all system.  Shari’s expertise and personalized insights are grounded in her education in anatomy and movement therapy and deep experience as a professional dancer, certified pilates and yoga instructor, and well-rounded athlete with extensive athletic experience in martial arts, boxing, cycling, trapeze, weight-lifting and running.